In the sequence of quick service providing, all the services like Doctors, Nurses, Ambulances, Medicines, Body check-ups and all type of Laboratory tests is only at the distance at your finger-tip. All of these services are like at your door-bell; you may use any of our services at a single click by the mobile app 24by7. It’s a platform of a big collection of multitalented and particular field experts with a great experience and reward winners, you may get all the services at your place.


We have been created a huge group of well qualified and experienced Doctors for all type of disease specialist. You may book an appointment with any of the doctors online by our mobile-Application according to your comfortable time slot. You will get a list of Doctors when click on Appointment button, and then you can select any from them. You also may study their profile which contains all the related information like their specialization, work experience, degree and all. All of these facilities can be used by Mobile Application only; you may download our application by Android and iPhone.


All of the medicine can buy online by selecting your required medicine from the list we have provided. You will get the option of medicine selection from list; the selected medicine will be get added in the cart. After finishing the medicine selection into the cart, you will get the sum of total amount of entire selected items. Offer for the particular medicine or for any particular minimum or maximum amount can be getting easily by using our application only. You need to provide complete delivery address and after making the payment online, you will easily get received your medicine.


This portal has been selected well qualified and very high experienced NURSES, they are expert in their particular field. They are always ready to attend any appointment with the required equipment and you may book the appointment any time. You may get a complete solution from our website related to medical problem. All the information about the specialization of the nurses, charges and treatment time is listed; you may get all these by one click at our mobile application.


The facilities of all tests are available on your finger-tip as no need to go anywhere from your house. You need to book an appointment as there is a list of laboratories and you may select any from them. All the information about every lab, listed here, is mentioned clearly and also available the type of test facilities present. The comparative rates for every test of different Labs are also mentioned there, you may choose any one from them. A person from the selected Lab will come to take the sample and report will be received at your email.


We provide various type of ambulance both AC and non-AC like, car, mini-busses etc which are at the distance of your finger-tip. All the ambulances are listed at our mobile application with its complete information and their availability for the particular location. All of these can be use anytime and anywhere in Delhi NCR by paying very small charges. All the information about the ambulances, drivers, owners and the previous record of the particular vehicle can be seen at their profile. There are some offers also available for using our application only.


Many time various health checkup centers opens the offer for complete body checkup and all, which can be seen at our website as well as mobile application also. So you can see a comparative price, all the offers and present facilities of many different health checkup centers then can book online and may get benefit of these offers instantly. You may get many other benefits also offers by us when using our website and mobile application, there some offers and prices which can never be getting by any other means accept our platform.